Bone and Flesh

Genesis 2:23 – 25 ‘The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. She will be called ‘woman,’ because she was taken out of Man.” Therefore  a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh. They were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.’

Is it asking a lot of you,

Is it asking a lot of you, I’m sorry,

I apologise for being impatient, but is it asking a lot of you?

Maybe you don’t understand where I’m coming from,

I’ve only just started understanding myself, but still is it asking a lot?

Just a few moments of your undivided attention,

me alone with your honesty just for a short while –

Maybe a life time.

My head resting on your shoulder and our heart beats performing a duet.

Respect me, defend my virtue.

Your smell, becoming part of the air around me,

stay, stay for longer than some wasted months.

Tell me what I want to hear,

is it asking a lot?

Quote some scriptures to me, abstain from sin with me.

Leave my body to feel the colds of winter and the heat of summer,

educate my mind and spirit.

Perhaps you could take the time to appreciate my vulnerability instead of finding flaws in me

Is it asking a lot?

Let’s not bother pointing fingers, it’s just YOU and ME.

And while you beat your chest and stomp your feet,

your voice booming, and your touch weakening,

throwing around your wise words with the ones that hurt –

Remember I am part of you

Bone of your bones.

Flesh of your flesh.

Answer me.


  1. nicola baird

    That’s a very beautiful poem. Interesting Radio 4 thought of the day on 22/10/12 about prayer. Saying it was rather like being at a party with someone else you knew and trusted in the room. That person might not do what you ask, but they made the room feel so much less lonely. I think you should probably make sure this is tagged Christian as it will then get quite a few more readers and possibly comments too. Hopefully see you on thursday this week. Nicola


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