Spokenword Sunday – conversation with God

I’ve been trying to have this conversation with you for weeks now.

Trying to figure out how to apologise for letting my emotions wander,

sneak past my God given wisdom and cause me to make a few blunders.

I made a few alterations to the plans we agreed on.

Like when I got saved, wasn’t it part of our agreement that I’ll completely surrender my heart to your guidance.

My signature was salvation filled tear drops and your blood dropped along the dotted lines where it said sign here.

You signed here God, a little to the left of my Chest and healed the cuts and bruises those mr wrongs and mr not ready yets must have left.

Looking for a sign here, like Rebekah’s water fetching skills, Jacob’s kiss.

I’ve been waiting and waiting, and the tick tocks of my heart clock’s making me impatient.clock-heart-timepiece-watch-Favim.com-126933

I’ve been trying to have this conversation for weeks now.

Tryna figure out how to explain, the last few decisions I made,

like the last six months haven’t brought a change.

Reverting back to my old mindset, forfeiting the Lord’s rest, to stand in the position of second best.

Second guessing every decision, doubt sets in, like who is really the source of this vision?

But now I’m done with trying things my way, I’m done looking down at my failures, might as well take the high way.

Its a road with concrete foundation, clear signs and there’s no need for street lights cause the Son’s forever shining.

Light of the world, that’s my King.

If you could please establish in me even a quarter of your patience, then your will could be done,

I can’t pretend I’m not tired for pondering on pros and cons,

so I invite your Holy Spirit, to pay my heart a visit, and your will be done in Jesus name amen.

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