Created for a purpose

Many of us go through what we like to call “phases” in life where we convince ourselves we can join a ballet company or the circus. Where we are so sure that we’re the next musical prodigy of the 21st century. Times when we buy a load of stuff and then lose interest in the space of a week – (knitting in my case).

But there are somethings that are practically part of our DNA. They come naturally to us .
We don’t need anyone to remind us about these things.

For me its writing – poetry, stories, self reflections you name it.
Maybe no one has an ear for music like you or  you seem to have all the best business ideas. May be you have a spiritual gift of dreams or encouraging others? God has given us gifts, talents, our very own personalised life purpose and tools to go with it.

So what’s your purpose?


peace & love ❤


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