About me

In a recent work-based evaluation, we were given feedback about our "strengths" and "weaknesses". 

I was told "preach less". I wasn't offended, I smiled because I have learned in my short few years as a Christian that I and the people in my life (the stranger and the relative) cannot survive without the Word of God. So I desperately pour it over every thought, action and conversation, inwardly and outwardly. 

It is life-transforming. 

My name is Damilola Okeke, and I've been writing ever since I could. I recall God's divine plan for me to be a writer revealed in the days I discovered my Mum had been storing the misspelled letters and short songs I wrote to pass time as a child. I also recall the end of year "blogging" module at University that God used to create a platform for me. And I'm grateful. This is the way often times, God graciously speaks to me, takes me by the hand and continues to guide me through life.  Bone and flesh is an expression of that journey.

Nothing is accident, nothing is coincidence.